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What do you want your life to look like now? Our environments are quickly shifting as the state of the world shifts and, with restrictions lifting in certain places and increasing in others, COVID-19 is still unpredictable. We will have choices to make about which pandemic lifestyle behaviors to continue into the future, and which to leave behind.

couple on blanket looking at a map

The New Vacation = Camping

Everywhere you look out on the road, you see motorhomes, trailers, campers, roof tents and van conversions. It seems to be the summer of camping. In fact, the annual North American Camping Report shows that camping has experienced ‘aggressive growth’ during COVID-19 and have caused campgrounds everywhere to be sold out for months. Just try to book a campsite this summer and you’ll see it is true! 

parent driving kids

Reduced Parent Taxi Time

One of the silver linings and most difficult to juggle aspects of the pandemic was that our kids were suddenly at home with us, all the time. We didn’t spend our days shuttling them back and forth to school and various extracurricular activities. Many parents enjoyed the time to breathe and spend more time together as a family, without the sometimes overwhelming amount of activities kids have going on on a daily basis. Perhaps the pandemic will remind us to slow down, and maybe just pick one or two meaningful activities for our kids so parents aren’t running ragged.

person cooking in the kitchen

Cooking at Home

In some parts of the world, we are finding that our schedules are ramping up and our lives getting more hectic again. One thing many families don’t want to give up is the trend of home cooking. Seventy percent of people, according to Food Dive, want to continue cooking at home. And brands like Hello Fresh and Purple Carrot, that deliver ingredients to your door, are out to help keep home cooking going, even as busyness enters our lives again.

man working out at home

The Stay-At-Home Workout

Shifting our workout routines to a mat on the floor in the dining room or an exercise bike set up in the garage, and away from the gym and group exercise classes, was a big change for many during COVID-19. According to the Wall Street Journal, one in four gyms are projected to close for good this year, and people are saying their change to the home workout is here to stay; especially with the purchase of expensive digital equipment like the Peloton or Mirror. 

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