The Prom

On the surface, the Prom is an innocent dance where teens do nothing more than play dress up. They look nice (but young), eat in fancy restaurants (often for the first time without their parents), ride in horse-drawn carriages and limousines. They descend on the city in packs, girls fresh from the spa in corsages and high heels, giggling and primping, while the boys look slightly uncomfortable in their tuxes and bow ties, but try to act dignified.


Welcome to the Prom.

How the Prom Helped Us Crack the Nut on Teens

Video Diaries conducted before, during and after Prom revealed that the Prom is not just a party, it is a rite of passage to adulthood.

I’ll always remember the Prom as the first time I felt like an adult.

Nick, San Francisco, CA

Photo Journals uncovered the idea that Prom is the celebration of the end where teens realize their lives are shifting into something that is defined more by what they do not want to do or be.

After this, it will never be the same again. But, I don’t know where I’m going
from here. I just know I won’t be like my father. I will listen to what my children
have to say.

Sasha, Boston, MA

Before and After Prom In-home Entourage Sessions yielded the insight there is a definite “right” way to do the Prom that is based on an unspoken and collective agreement on what is cool, hip and popular.

You want to have a certain look, but you don’t want to have the same dress
as anyone else. But you don’t want it to be so different that you stand out in
a bad way.

Ellen, San Francisco, CA

Key Take Away

This is the world of high school summed up in one glorious event. The Prom is about aspirations and dreams for a life yet to be discovered. It’s about fear and the desire
to fit in. It’s about good looks and popularity as much as it’s about genuine friendship.
It’s the self-conscious attempt to convince everyone, including yourself, that you don’t
care what anyone thinks. Prom is the entire high school experience defined in
one night.

The Prom is the single most important moment in your high school career.

Natalie, Prom Queen, Portland, OR