Study People

Our methodologies are designed to foster real conversations with people wherever they are, allowing you to experience firsthand what influences how they think, feel and make decisions.


Personal Interviews

Get closer to your consumer.

Spend time with consumers in the places where they live, work, shop and play. Experience first hand how they make decisions and what influences them.


Photo Journals

See the world as people see it.

A tangible artifact that consumers create using their own words and images to document their experiences.


Mobile Insights

Insights on the move.

Get an instantaneous and unfiltered look at how consumers see and experience their world.


Virtual Communities

Understanding different perspectives.

Using social media tools, we facilitate on-going conversations that explore unique perspectives and true sentiments about people, products, brands or cultures.


Cultural Immersion

Live as they live.

Shadowing consumers and embedding ourselves into their lives, we are there with them in the moments and places that matter most.

Social Media Exploration

Observing conversations.

Listening to the important conversations that are taking place today that are creating influence.