Examine Brands

We can help you gain a competitive edge with targeted insights on your brand, products, category, competitors and playing field.

Brand Strategy Definition

Do you need to articulate a unifying vision for who you are? Do you know what makes your brand special? Would you like to have tools that make decision-making easier?


What you get:

  • Brand strategy, manifesto and filter
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Guidelines to translate strategy into vision, mission, tone and voice, values, and messaging

Retail Experience Activation

How do people shop + buy in your category? What trends are chaining how people shop + buy? Do you want to know how to make your retail experience more relevant?


 What you get:

  • Retail activation strategies
  • Guidelines to translate the strategy across store experience (how it effects signage, navigation, etc.)

Audience Exploration

Do people love your brand? Are they loyal to your products? Do you know how people make decisions?


 What you get:

  • Consumer profiles including psychographics and lifestyle 
  • Analysis on how competitors are reaching this audience
  • Guidelines on how to best connect with your consumer

Brand and Product Ideation

Are you creating new products? Are you looking to grow into new markets? Do you want to stand out against your competitors?


What you get:

  • Concept ideation
  • Identify new opportunities for growth or expansion
  • Identify potential challenges of concepts
  • Activation strategies for concepts

Cultural Mining

Do you know how to establish a global vision that is locally relevant? What is happening culturally that is shifting or shaping the marketplace? Would you like to understand the differences between neighborhoods or between continents?


 What you get:

  • Cultural analysis by market
  • Local audience psychographics
  • Identify differences + similarities between cultures, along with opportunities for creating local relevance